10 ways hackers can breach your system and how you can fight back

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Blackhat Hackers

You may have all of your software patched, and you may have anti-virus software protecting your PCs, but is that enough? No single approach will save your network from being hacked, but the more measures you take, the harder you will make it for attackers to infiltrate your systems — and the more likely they are to move on to the next potential victim. In the modern security landscape, the people less likely to be hit are those that present the hardest target for an attacker.

PC World Canada describes 10 of the greatest threats to your system and how you can respond here.

1. Operating system flaws

2. SQL injection

3. Drive-by downloads

4. Password compromise

5. Social engineering

6. Malicious email

7. Physical access

8. Network compromise

9. Wireless hacking

10. Find the weak point

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