25 Spoofs of The Social Network or Facebook Movie

While I’ve been away, The Social Network, aka Facebook Movie, was released but all the previous hoo-haa was drowned out by a certain Wizard’s movie called Harry Porter which broke all records….. Anyway, here are 25 spoofs of The Social Network or Facebook Movie, to remind ourselves of (or help us forget!) what it was all about in the first place!

Live Tube Map Showing Trains Moving On The London Underground Network

Live London Underground Train MapLive London Underground Train Map

This map shows all trains on the London Underground network as they move, in approximately real time. The yellow pins are stations and the red pins are trains. Live departure data is fetched from the TfL API, and then it does a bit of maths and magic. It’s surprisingly okay given this was done in… Continue Reading …

Google Mobile Nexus One Smartphone Unveiled, But Still Not So “Open”

Another year and another new smartphone is unveiled. After so many leaks and speculation, the Google Nexus One mobile phone was officially announced yesterday… but you still cannot use it on any network you feel like! That is supposed to be the big selling point of the Nexus One. Ideally, you should be able to… Continue Reading …

Google wants to speed up the web by ditching HTTP for SPDY

On the Chromium blog, Mike Belshe and Roberto Peon write about an early-stage research project called SPDY (“speedy”). Unhappy with the performance of the venerable hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP), researchers at Google think they can do better.

10 ways hackers can breach your system and how you can fight back

You may have all of your software patched, and you may have anti-virus software protecting your PCs, but is that enough? No single approach will save your network from being hacked, but the more measures you take, the harder you will make it for attackers to infiltrate your systems — and the more likely they… Continue Reading …