PayPal Misleading Website Payments Standard

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PayPal has two types of accounts: Website Payments Standard and Website Payments Pro, presented clearly below: What they never make clear is how these are further divided into 3 very different accounts called: Personal, Premiere and Business.

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PayPal Accounts Comparison

BUT, they mislead users when promoting the “Website Payments Standard” account by implying that visitors to your website can make Credit Card payments without being required to create a PayPal Account first. This is only true if it is the Premier or Business Accounts, but NOT with the Personal Account. See below:

PayPal Misleading Key Facts

PayPal is clever as indicated by their wording of “No set-up costs, cancellation fees, or monthly minimums”. Now that sounds like FREE!!! Then PayPal cover their backs at the bottom of the page by linking to the “Business Account” to “Learn More.”

Paypal Optional Account Misleading

Its no wonder this is their most popular account! Most people realize too late that customers to their websites will be forced to create a PayPal Account before any transaction takes place. This feature, unimaginatively called “PAYPAL ACCOUNT OPTIONAL,” is only available in the paid versions of PayPal namely, Premiere or Business Accounts.

PayPal says that “Signing up for a PayPal account is always optional for your customers”, but then on a page titled “Buyers Can Check Out Without a PayPal Account” (in the very last sentence!)  they say “This feature is available to Premier and Business account holders only.” See below:

paypal account optional misleading

Many internet users will promptly leave to go bargain hunting on other websites and therefore leaving your shops with a high number of aborted incomplete sales. In conclusion, others have complained about similar misleading tactics from PayPal HERE.

Here is the same misleading claim again:

paypal account optional misleading

PayPal is great but their misleading pitches leaves a lot to be desired.

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