Info Wars: DDoS Attacks On Major Websites

infowar cyber information warinfowar cyber information war

DDoS wars are raging across the Internet since Wikileak’s CableGate. Here is a snapshot of what is going on

PayPal Misleading Website Payments Standard


PayPal has two types of accounts: Website Payments Standard and Website Payments Pro, presented clearly below: What they never make clear is how these are further divided into 3 very different accounts called: Personal, Premiere and Business.

Online Shopping Grinds To A Halt As PayPal Goes Down


There’s a mad rush of tips coming into us right now that PayPal’s online purchasing service is down for the count. While the site itself appears to be loading (though very slowly), numerous buyers and venders are reporting that sales are not going through. A quick scan of Twitter tells the same story. And it… Continue Reading …