Facebook Applications Are Evil?

POSTED BY Patrick ON July 19, 2009 / 2 COMMENTS
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All users give unknown people the access and permission to use all the information and files on their account in whichever way they like, which is something they would never do even with their own Friends!!! Read on…..

“YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR FRIENDS’ PROFILE info, so even if you dont care about who gets your own Info and Files, please stop using all “3rd-PARTY APPs” unless its one of the DEFAULT “FACEBOOK APPs” that comes with every account (PHOTOS, VIDEOS, GROUPS, EVENTS, GIFTS, LINKS and NOTES). Until Facebook gets a grip on controlling the use of your info, you may never know how its being used (or abused!).

They all seem like harmless fun, such as chosing your ‘top five’ in all sorts and quizes, But there is a side to these programs which many people don’t seem to consider or more likely DONT KNOW ABOUT. You are allowing a third party, not connected to Facebook, access to all information you place on the site.

They store your data on their own servers, NOT on Facebook, therefore no one can verify what they use it for and protect you from it! Some of these apps are written by enthusiasts as a bit of fun, but many are written purely for marketing purposes, and who knows what else? Tactics include getting as many people as possible to accept the apps purely so that they can get more user data.

Your data can fall into the hands of criminals for use in fraud, identity theft or be sold to marketing companies to target you with spam and other forms of advertising. Your huge email spam folder is a good clue especially on yahoo.

You are allowing any Tom, Dick or Harry access to profile information like your life history, email, birth date, address, contact details, friends details and private photos. Allowing access to photos could at least be embarrassing given some of the antics people get up to. And if these were posted publicly, then your employer might be interested – to fire you! This kind of info about us to a stranger can compromise our own safety as well as that of our friends and their friends. You would not allow anyone on the street access to such info, so why do it on the internet where it is more dangerous???”


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