What is Facebook LIKE-JACKING scam? (…And How To Remove It)

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This scam is most successfull among males due to it’s explicit nature, so men BEWARE! Like-Jacking is a Facebook type of “Click-Jacking” scam that tricks Facebook users into clicking a hidden “Like Button” on external websites, thereby “Hi-Jacking” your Wall and News Feed with a post falsely indicating that you “Like” it.
Many Facebook users end up leaving the Scam sitting on their wall and News Feed for days because they never knew it happened. Their friends come along and fall right in to the same trap because they think YOU “Liked” the link, usually a video but also giftsand games!
If you have fallen victim to a Like-Jacking scam, you need to clean up your Facebook Profile immediately. You can do this by simply removing the “Like” made to your wall. This will ensure that you do not continue to assist the scam artist in spreading his Like-Jacking scam to your friends and even further throughout the facebook network.

AVOID IT: Read on how to remove this scam from your Wall and News Feed, then Share with your Facebook Friends:

How To Remove A Like Message From Your Wall
  1. Navigate to your profile wall by clicking the “Profile” link at the top of your facebook home page.
  2. Scroll down your profile wall till you locate the “Like”, then click on the little “X” at the top right corner of the message.
  3. Select “Remove And Unlike” from the menu and the “Like “will be removed.
How To Remove A Unwanted “Like” From Your “Liked Pages List”
Sometimes the “Like” remains in your “Liked Pages List”. This  list is located in your profile info area, in the “Activities and Interests” section, under the “Show Other Pages” link. The problem seems to happen even after following the directions listed above. If this happens to you please follow these direction as well.
  1. Navigate to your profile wall by clicking the “Profile” link at the top of your facebook home page.
  2. Once on your profile page click “Info” right below your profile picture, then Scroll down to the heading “Activities and Interests” and click the “Edit” link to the right.
  3. At the bottom of the Edit Activities and Interests page click the “Show Other Pages” link.
  4. The “Other Pages You Like” Dialog Box will open and from there you can scroll through your list of liked pages and remove the ones you don’t want by clicking the “Remove Page” Button.

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