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I had been unable to post updates here for a while because of a lack of internet access, and NO I was not in Egypt or Libya! Armed only with a Nokia phone (pun intended), kindly handed down to me by my good Sister, I have been looking for a way to publish my posts via the mobile network without having to Log in to the full Admin User Interface. Automaticc, the company that makes WordPress, do not have an official App for Nokia phones equipped with the recently abandoned Symbian Operating System. So I set off into the deep, dark woods of Unofficial Apps…

I am writing this post using an application called WordMobi 0.94 which is a free Symbian S60 client for Nokia mobile phones. It is written in Python so first the Python 2.0 Runtime and PIPS had to be installed in the same location as WordMobi, either in the Phone memory or the External Card memory. I personally found it best installed in the Phone memory.

So now I can manage my site while on the move, saving me time and bandwidth. I can publish or delete articles and comments, as well as check traffic statistics! Yipee! \o/

Its a shame that Nokia have abandoned the Symbian OS in preference to the Windows Mobile 7 OS and, to a certain extent, the Meego OS. This Nokia/Windows marriage promises to be a winner for the two companies, but we have to wait and see if it will be a full win for consumers…

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