Facebook WARNING: Avoid the “Confirm your activity, account will be permanently disabled” SCAM

the pc tool facebook scam warning
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Avoid the Facebook Wall Post by this fake app called “Confirm your activity – Official application”.


The Text Reads As Follows:

Facebook is closing all accounts today. They can’t handle so many accounts. Most of the old accounts are not active, so they are deleting everything. If you want your account alive please confirm your activity.
This is the final notice! http://goo.gl/

Final Notice – Confirm your activity today! In order to keep your account alive you must verify your activity!

Your account will be permanently disabled if you dont take this step.

Why you should avoid it:

Clicking on the wall post link will take you to the Facebook Application Permission screen below:


If you Click “Allow” then a fake/rogue application will be installed. This is actually an old scam and keeps coming back using different Links and various Application Names, so warn your friends to avoid this type of social engineering. Remember that Facebook DOES NOT delete User Accounts except in extreme vaolations of their terms.

Removal Instructions Here: http://thepctool.com/2011/how-to-remove-fake-facebook-applications/

CLICK HERE to join our Facebook Page and be informed about future scams to avoid.

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