VIDEO – I know who you are after 1 click online hi-jacking your Facebook Like & Twitter Follow Buttons

i know youi know you

A website places an invisible object over something a visitor is likely to click on, such as a link or an image. When the visitor clicks on what they visually see, they are actually being tricked into clicking on a hidden object. To demonstrate the power of Clickjacking, the first demonstration of the attack technique… Continue Reading …

FBI Warning Osama Bin Laden Videos And Photos Spreading Viruses On Internet

the pc tool facebook scam warningthe pc tool facebook scam warning

This is a Press Release from the Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI warning Osama Bin Laden videos and photos speading viruses on internet, and has not been edited.

Facebook Security App For Protection Against Malware And Spam Comments

the pc tool facebook scamthe pc tool facebook scam

Websense Defensio Protects Facebook Pages From Malicious Content. Websense® Defensio™ is a free social networking application that secures your Facebook Page against threats that target Social Networking sites. A must-have facebook security application due to the rapid increase in social media threats, such as links to malware downloads and phishing sites that can be posted… Continue Reading …

Little Red Riding Hood In A Facebook Safety Video By Facemoods

Watch this kids animation of Little Red Riding Hood in a Facebook safety video by Facemoods which attempts to teach Facebook users about the dangers of Friend Requests and “Blind-Friending.” I think a lot of adults will learn from it too! BLOOPER: While accepting the Friend Request, the username was shown as “Little Red Riding… Continue Reading …

Free mobile security, antivirus, backup and lost phone finder with Lookout App

Since the hacker alert about the rogue Android Apps from the official Android Market HERE, a lot of readers have been asking how to protect their mobile phones in future. So today I recommend a FREE software called LookOut, which will make sure that your phone is protected from hackers, viruses, malware and fake mobile… Continue Reading …