NETFLIX Videos Taking Over The Internet

Watch out World! On Sept. 22, Netflix began offering its streaming movie service in Canada. This was Netflix’s first venture outside of the United States, and because the company wasn’t offering its traditional DVD-by-mail plan to Canadians, its prospects seemed questionable. How many people would pay $7.99 per month (Canadian) for the chance to watch Superbad whenever they wanted?

How the Matrix movie would perform on Windows XP

The Matrix is a 1999 science fiction-action film. The film describes a future in which reality perceived by humans is actually the Matrix: a simulated reality, But what if it run on Windows XP?

PayPal Misleading Website Payments Standard


PayPal has two types of accounts: Website Payments Standard and Website Payments Pro, presented clearly below: What they never make clear is how these are further divided into 3 very different accounts called: Personal, Premiere and Business.

Video: Steve Jobs at the D8 conference!

Here’s a video of Steve Jobs at the D8 conference posted by All Things Digital. Jobs spoke about some important topics like Flash, Gizmodo, Foxconn, AT&T, Digital Media etc. Some of Steve’s interesting quotes: On Flash: “Apple is a company that doesn’t have the resources that everyone else has. We choose what tech horses to… Continue Reading …

Quick Fix: Problems signing into Skype after latest update

Users with non-jailbroken iPhone will definitely find ‘3G calling functionality’ on Skype a tempting feature. So am sure the latest update which provides this functionality must have been downloaded by millions of users. If you are one among such users, it’s highly likely that you are having issues signing into your Skype account. In that… Continue Reading …