Free mobile security, antivirus, backup and lost phone finder with Lookout App

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LookOut Free Mobile Security App

Since the hacker alert about the rogue Android Apps from the official Android Market HERE, a lot of readers have been asking how to protect their mobile phones in future. So today I recommend a FREE software called LookOut, which will make sure that your phone is protected from hackers, viruses, malware and fake mobile apps by scanning your phone automatically.

When you misplace or lose your phone simply use LookOut to make your phone SCREAM out a loud siren to help you locate it!

If your phone is stolen LookOut has a premium option to LOCK it or WIPE it remotely so that no one can use it or access your data. You can also locate the exact whereabouts of your phone on a map and track it using GPS satellite technology from a free personal web account at You can easily Backup your contacts to keep your data safe, restore your data to another phone (a premium option) or access your data remotely across the internet.

LookOut uses very little system resources and you won’t notice it running in the background, therefore it’s a must have App for every Android and BlackBerry smartphone. (iPhone users should consider the “Find My iPhone” app now that it is free!)

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