Apple iPad 2 and IOS 4.3 Released March 11 2011

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Apple iPad 2 & IOS 4.3

Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs was supposed to be on an indefinite medical leave from January 11th 2011, after he had a liver transplant in 2009 to treat complications from pancreatic cancer, but made a surprise appearance at a “special event” this month to unveil the new Apple iPad 2 Tablet PC and IOS 4.3 Operating System. Check out the Video below.

The upcoming device is officially called the “iPad 2.” It will be available to purchase in the U.S. on March 11, and in 26 more countries including the UK on March 26. Furthermore, the second generation iPad will cost the same as the first iPad, starting from $499.00. The iPad 2 comes with two forward and backward facing cameras, an HDMI output, a complete redesign, and a relocated speaker. It’s thinner than both the original iPad and the iPhone 4! It is lighter as well with a weight of 1.3 ounces, compared to 1.5 ounces of the original iPad. Additionally, the iPad 2 will come with both FaceTime and Photo Booth apps preloaded as part of the new Operating System iOS 4.3. Unfortunately, the MobileMe service was not refreshed with any more functionality and it’s still not free to use.

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