BANNED: Sony PS3 in Europe

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If you want to purchase a PS3, better get your skates on and grab one off the shelves soon because the European Courts have banned the shipment of anymore Sony Playstation PS3 consoles temporarily, with the possibility of extending the ban to the U.S. If the ban is extended beyond the initial 10 days, shops… Continue Reading …

Microsoft Unveils Voice And Movement-Activated Xbox Kinect Games

Microsoft unveiled its new Xbox 360 motion controller which is a completely hands-free games console with voice commands called Kinect. The launch included a number of new games including a driving simulation in which passengers rock their bodies to toss the car into cartwheels, a track and field tournament, and a Star Wars game with… Continue Reading …

Sony Playstation 3 Slim Release Rumors

Sony Playstation 3 Slim release seems to be very close according to rumors highlighted on Cnet. Above is an unofficial picture allegedly of the Playstation PS3 Slim’s packaging. Follow the trail on Cnet.