iPhone 4G On Sale Now In UK, USA, France, Germany and Japan

Yes the new Apple iPhone 4G is on sale now but probably sold out already! Yesterday, Apple released a statement saying that the white version of the iPhone 4G will not be available until late July due to production difficulties. The hotly anticipated release has also been marred by reports of defective displays showing yellowish… Continue Reading …

iPad: Apple reveals multi-touch tablet device

We first told you about the Apple Tablet in July 2009 and the rumors are now over! Calling it “way better than a laptop and way better than a phone,” Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled his company’s long-awaited iPad tablet-style multi-touch device today (Wednesday 27th Jan 2010).

New Apple Tablet PC

The Apple tablet rumours are coming so thick and fast now that the big surprise would be for Apple not to announce one. The device will probably have a 10-inch screen and come without a cell connection. Read more at Wired.com