VIDEO – I know who you are after 1 click online hi-jacking your Facebook Like & Twitter Follow Buttons

i know youi know you

A website places an invisible object over something a visitor is likely to click on, such as a link or an image. When the visitor clicks on what they visually see, they are actually being tricked into clicking on a hidden object. To demonstrate the power of Clickjacking, the first demonstration of the attack technique… Continue Reading …

25 Spoofs of The Social Network or Facebook Movie

While I’ve been away, The Social Network, aka Facebook Movie, was released but all the previous hoo-haa was drowned out by a certain Wizard’s movie called Harry Porter which broke all records….. Anyway, here are 25 spoofs of The Social Network or Facebook Movie, to remind ourselves of (or help us forget!) what it was all about in the first place!

How the Matrix movie would perform on Windows XP

The Matrix is a 1999 science fiction-action film. The film describes a future in which reality perceived by humans is actually the Matrix: a simulated reality, But what if it run on Windows XP?

YouTube Videos Get Vuvuzela Button For Constant Buzz

Vuvuzelas (and the Kuduzelas) are nearing meme status and while the TV broadcasters threaten to filter it out (indeed BBC seems to be doing it already, if the constantly changing audio quality during games is anything to go by!) YouTube has decided to give some videos a Vuvuzela button. When the little soccer button is… Continue Reading …

YouTube Video Editor – New Video Trimmer

So I signed in to my YouTube account today to find that a new YouTube Video Editor has been rolled out today. The video trimming tool can be used to join separate video clips together or add background music to videos that you have already uploaded to your YouTube account. Try the YouTube Video Editor… Continue Reading …