The best start page ever!

I recently found a really usefull website called BESTSTARTPAGEEVER.COM . Although no page can live up to that sort of name, I think it is very convenient in a simple way. We all have to start somewhere when we fire up our browsers to surf the internet. Some like to start at Google, AOL, Yahoo, Ask, Wikipedia, even a blank page!

So how is different? Well, you basically get all your favorite searches and links in one page. It loads pretty fast because it does not use widgets like many similar sites, yet it is customizable to your preferences. So if you just want your favorite search engines and handy links in one place, and you don’t want extra thrills or frills, you might like this page.

I thought I should share it since it’s been invaluable for me. I wonder what other readers use as a starting page? Tell us what your favorite start page is, in the comments below.

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  1. corneil lambert says:

    “My Last Browsing Session” gets saved and re-opened everytime I start FF, but I will bookmark this for the future

  2. Patrick says:

    You can also save your fave sites as thumbnails on the Opera browser, so that you can open them as soon as you start surfing!

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