Firefox 4 Move Tabs Below Address Bar

Firefox 4 Move Tabs Below Address Bar

Firefox 4 is now Available as a Stable Release and one of the changes is its new look. In Firefox 4 the tabs are above the address bar instead of their original location below the address bar. But to move them back is just a simple 3-Step process:

1. Click on View

2 Then click on Toolbar

3. Finally, untick the option of  Tabs on Top

Thats All fire-Folks!

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  1. JB says:

    Thanks! Kind of dumb they made this a default instead of just adding it as an option for people that wanted it (probably no one).

  2. JJimenez says:

    Q 2 Mozilla: “what is the advantage of this?”

    Kudos 2 Pat: 10x

  3. Rusty says:

    Thank you for this info! This has been driving me nuts since I updated. Why did they do this? Worst idea ever, otherwise I’m liking FF4.

  4. Ken Jennings says:

    I saw some of the discussion about this being a reflection of the “evolving web.” None of it was persuasive in the least. The tabs should be connected to the window they function with. You can get used to anything but unless there is a strong reason to change a practice that everyone knows how do to it looks like change just to “make you upgrade.” Gee, what company does that sound like (kaff kaff task ribbon kaff kaff). New window, new tab history, book marks all at upper left where Western languages start reading a printed page. But NOOOO, let’s put the home button on the right. After all, some “other company” did that.

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