Facebook WARNING: Avoid the “Who blocked you from his friend list?” SCAM

Avoid the following Facebook scam event:

Who blocked you from his friend list ? {Follow steps below}

This is a Fake Facebook Event Scam that is being posted to Facebook Users most probably by a rogue application using Facebook Chat messages or via Facebook News Feeds. When the link is clicked, the Facebook User is taken to the following page:


The Fake Event Page contains a goo.gl link to a Phishing Website with a Survey scam as shown below:


If you look closely (Click the image above!), the website URL address of this page is fbaprilfools(dot)info which is obviously an external website trying to impersonate the original Facebook. If you ever notice this, never enter your Facebook login credentials.

Do not complete any surveys and do not give out any personal information which can and will be used to harm you. Some surveys require you to download something in order to proceed to the next stage, but they usually contain viruses or other malware that can infect your system.

How to Remove the Scam:

If you fell for this scam, then you need to cancel your reservation for the fake event and notify your friends to avoid the fake event invitation. In case you submitted a telephone number for any of the surveys, then you should contact your service provider or carrier immediately to avoid any bogus charges.


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