Decentralized Internet Domain Names Using Peer-2-Peer DNS


There is a new wave of technological interest focusing on how to make it more difficult for big corporations and governments to manipulate the internet, after the recent WikiLeaks domain name problems and COICA DNS hijacks. One idea gathering pace would be some kind of peer-to-peer (P2P) Domain Name System (DNS).

There’s an on-going project called Dot-P2P which aims to create a .p2p Top Level Domain (TLD) that is totally decentralized and that does not rely on any Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) DNS service.

Info Wars: DDoS Attacks On Major Websites

infowar cyber information warinfowar cyber information war

DDoS wars are raging across the Internet since Wikileak’s CableGate. Here is a snapshot of what is going on

Download Links To Wikileaks Top Secret Reports On Afghanistan War From US Military

“They” tried unsuccessfully to shutdown the site and if you try to surf the website today, you will be disappointed because it is experiencing the usual influx of high traffic associated with a high profile 90,000 page leak. They allow anonymous submission of any reports, and today they have just published a leaked report… Continue Reading …