Decentralized Internet Domain Names Using Peer-2-Peer DNS


There is a new wave of technological interest focusing on how to make it more difficult for big corporations and governments to manipulate the internet, after the recent WikiLeaks domain name problems and COICA DNS hijacks. One idea gathering pace would be some kind of peer-to-peer (P2P) Domain Name System (DNS).

There’s an on-going project called Dot-P2P which aims to create a .p2p Top Level Domain (TLD) that is totally decentralized and that does not rely on any Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) DNS service.

Netgear routers and OpenDNS to block porn and violence from the internet

Netgear is about to ship routers designed to simplify the process of blocking certain types of websites such as pornography, hate sites, or sites that promote alcohol or drug use, by allowing parents to block the content ON ANY DEVICE USING THE HOME NETWORK. Before employing any parental control system, I urge parents to think… Continue Reading …