Microsoft Unveils Voice And Movement-Activated Xbox Kinect Games

Microsoft unveiled its new Xbox 360 motion controller which is a completely hands-free games console with voice commands called Kinect. The launch included a number of new games including a driving simulation in which passengers rock their bodies to toss the car into cartwheels, a track and field tournament, and a Star Wars game with… Continue Reading …

Hooked on Gadgets, and Paying a Mental Price

I am glad to be back after a month preparing for the family’s new addition (its another Boy!). The first difference I noticed was an increase in the amount of “real” social interaction in my life, and I love it! This made me think about the quality and quantity of our social lives on the… Continue Reading …

iPad E-mail malware attack

Scammers are distributing emails designed to trick iPad owners into downloading software that they think is an iTunes update, but which turns out to be malware that opens a back door on the computer, researchers warned on Monday.

Facebook Applications Spreading Adware

Facebook Applications Spreading AdwareFacebook Applications Spreading Adware

  A new scheme allows cyber-criminals to monetize on unwary users by leading them into installing adware applications. Rather than using hidden vulnerabilities in the social networking platform, this novel approach relies on social engineering in order to trick users into interacting with the attacker.

How Social Networks Are Using Your Data

Companies collect all sorts of data to build a database of you from social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Bebo, website forums, blogs and other websites. How do they use all this info on you? For example, did you know that your Facebook friends could influence what kind of credit you get from a… Continue Reading …