1) Pay-As-You-Go Support Price List

Computer and Laptop repair from just £25!

Our PC technician will call out to any residence or place of work in South East London for a fixed fee of just £25 including up to 1 hour’s work and inspection time. Within the hour we will diagnose and fix the problem or advise you of the repairs or upgrades required to do so. As computer problems sometimes take much longer than an hour to fix, we offer great value services at a fixed price in addition to the initial £25 call out & collection charge covering the first hour of work, rather than charge an hourly rate.

Call out & Collection + the first hour’s work

This service typically covers Software installation, forgotten Windows passwords, wireless broadband set-up etc. in their entirety – meaning that you only pay £25!

Just £25
Computer Tune Up

We give your PC or laptop a software clean up and install all the latest drivers and updates.

PC Repairs and Upgrades

The ordering, fitting and configuration of any number of components for upgrade or repair has a single, fixed cost on top of the cost of the components.

Note: Please see “Clean Start” below for the price of an additional Windows re-installation service in the event of a Hard Drive or Mainboard replacement.

Data Recovery and Transfer

Whether your Windows installation fails or you accidentally delete your priceless digital photo collection of the family we can rescue data from your hard disk that you would otherwise lose forever!

Note: This service cannot be performed in cases where the hard drive is physically damaged.

Clean Start

A fresh re-installation of the Windows Operating System and all the latest drivers giving your PC a clean start just like the day you bought it!

Laptop Repairs and Upgrades

The ordering and fitting of laptop memory only has a single £10 charge on top of the cost of the components. For more complex repairs such as replacing the screen, keyboard or parts of the laptop chassis please contact us for a quote as this cost varies depending on the make and model of the laptop.

From just +£10


Yearly Service Plan Bundles give you the flexibility to select the precise level of support that matches your home or small business needs and budget. With an expert knowledge base and technical expertise, these Service Plans can help you maximize the performance of your PCs while staying up to speed and keeping your home or business computers running smoothly and efficiently. I provide a unique and efficient combination of support options in the Service Plans, which includes Remote Access, Onsite Visits and Telephone Support on an annual subscription basis to home users and small businesses. Minimize the hidden costs of PC ownership and get some peace of mind while you concentrate on your productivity.

a) Home Support:

home basic service plan home enhanced service plan
home premier service plan home platinum service plan

b) Business Support:

small business basic service plan

small business premier service plan

small business platinum service plan


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