Netgear routers and OpenDNS to block porn and violence from the internet

POSTED BY Patrick ON July 29, 2009 / 0 COMMENTS
netgear router

Netgear is about to ship routers designed to simplify the process of blocking certain types of websites such as pornography, hate sites, or sites that promote alcohol or drug use, by allowing parents to block the content ON ANY DEVICE USING THE HOME NETWORK.

Before employing any parental control system, I urge parents to think about how they will or won’t fit in with your family. Consider the age of the child, the child’s Web surfing habits, the types of risk your child takes, and what you plan to say to your children about the filtering product. Parents should tell their kids that they’re using filters and explain why they think they’re necessary. Also, parents should never rely on filters as the only way to protect children–parental involvement is still important. If you decide to use a filter, consider weaning kids from them as they enter their teenage years. Eventually, your kids will be on their own and part of a parent’s job is to help a child make their own good decisions. You can’t rely on filters forever. Read More On

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