Facebook WARNING: Avoid the “now you can see who your top facebook profile stalkers are!” SCAM

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TEXT READS AS FOLLOWS (it may vary!):

wow this works >> http://tiny.cc/blablabla malicious link here << now you can see who your top facebook profile stalkers are!

This dangerous Facebook scam attempts to instal Rogueware or Fake Applications and uses several different links and several different names in an attempt to “stay alive” around the social networks.

It includes a fake survey which will compromise maliciously any info provided in it PLUS the”scam creator” will get paid a commission for every completed survey! This Wall Post will take any Facebook User who clicks on it to the  following page:


When the Facebook User clicks on  “Login”, a popup window will appear asking to install a Facebook application, which may have any name (in this case it’s called “Gr6”), as seen below:


If the Facebook User agrees to install this rogue application, full access to User information and permission to post to their Facebook Wall will be granted. Allowing this access gives permission to post spam message on a User’s Facebook Wall for every friend to see in the News Feed, and so they will in turn be snared by the same trap!

When the Facebook User clicks on “Allow”, they will be taken to the following page:


The image above shows a typical Facebook Survey Scam whereby the malicious creator of this scam:

  1. will get paid a commission for every completed survey,
  2. will harvest your personal information and sell it on or use it maliciously against you,
  3. will infect your computer with a virus, a trojan or other malware.

REMEMBER – Facebook Application Developers do not have access to the information required to complete such actions like finding out who is viewing your Facebook Profile. IT IS STILL IMPOSSIBLE and has been for quite a long time.

Removal Instructions Here: http://thepctool.com/2011/how-to-remove-fake-facebook-applications/

CLICK HERE to join our Facebook Page and be informed about future scams to avoid.

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