30 Things Your Kid May Never Know

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Everyone is doing some sort of “best of” article at the moment so let me try to be different just for the LULZ…I tried to remember the things which used to bring so much joy but now considered to be a form of torture and ended up laughing so much that I had to get some glue for my sides: When I tell my 3 Year Old Son that the kids Tv Channel Cbeebies has shut down for the day, he just does not understand it because he replies with one word “iPlayer” This was topped up one day when he said “Daddy, the internet knows everything.”

So here is a list of 30 things my kid may never know about:

  • remembering someone’s telephone number
  • not knowing who is calling your phone
  • Inserting a VHS tape into a VCR to watch a movie or to record something
  • putting a roll of film in your camera and getting negatives full of fingerprints
  • High Speed Dubbing on the twin deck
  • not knowing what your friends are doing or thinking at every moment
  • Show….you know, A.S.K.
  • using matchsticks to regulate the speed of playback on a walkman
  • Floppy disks
  • counting Kilobytes and wondering if you can afford a RAM upgrade
  • Blowing the dust out of a Nintendo cartridge hoping that the game will load this time
  • Joysticks
  • Having to delete something on your hard drive to get more space
  • using the Encyclopedia instead of Wikipedia
  • getting from A to B using a Road Atlas commonly called a map
  • getting lost and not being able to find your way without help from St.John’s
  • banking only when the Bank is open
  • finding someones number from the phone book commonly called a Directory
  • being able to register a domain name consisting of a real word
  • writing a letter and posting it
  • writing words without num8er5 in them
  • typewriters
  • when spam was just a meat product
  • public pay phones commonly called phone booth
  • Trigonometry and Log tables
  • manually locking and unlocking a car
  • writing a Cheque
  • dictionary…the physical one
  • privacy

Have a Happy New Year 2010 and see you on the other side!

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