Facebook WARNING: Avoid the “Find who is stalking you with Profile Peekers” SCAM


Watch out! A successful fake Facebook Application scam is catching quite a lot of people by preying on our  instincts of curiosity and paranoia. Profile Peekers claims to show you who is stalking you and how many times your Facebook Profile has been viewed! Now, I would be interested in that too just like you… Continue Reading …

Facebook’s New Messaging System Is NOT Email [VIDEO]

facebook messagefacebook message

Facebook’s new messaging system is not Email, but it sort of is too! Just like Google Wave, Facebook Message is an “Invite-only” affair for now. Here is a brief overview of what it is, in a video that has some talented guy writing backwards!

Facebook Like Button Now A Physical Rubber Stamp

The widely used Facebook Like button has left the digital world and into our physical lives with a Rubber Stamp device for you to bang on everything that you Like. I was thinking real photos, documents, furniture, people…. ok maybe I went too far, but the implications are huge! If you are interested in owning… Continue Reading …

Facebook WARNING:Avoid fake Haiti Earthquake fundraisers

Fake fundraising efforts for the Haiti disaster are spreading like wildfire on Facebook. Dozens of fan pages have been set up, urging users to join and promising a $1 donation for each member. One group this weekend attracted 1.5 million members before it was disabled. Meanwhile, during the weekend, Facebook officials had to beat back… Continue Reading …