New Apple Tablet PC

The Apple tablet rumours are coming so thick and fast now that the big surprise would be for Apple not to announce one. The device will probably have a 10-inch screen and come without a cell connection. Read more at

Facebook Dating Ad Hooks Up Married Man … With His Wife!


I dont wanna say this, but… I TOLD YOU SO! Facebook Applications can represent you in whatever they fancy, whether it is against the Terms Of Service or Not. This is just one of the ways your info is used online by default, meaning that if you have not specifically opted out of the many… Continue Reading …

Facebook Applications Are Evil?

All users give unknown people the access and permission to use all the information and files on their account in whichever way they like, which is something they would never do even with their own Friends!!! Read on….. “YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR FRIENDS’ PROFILE info, so even if you dont care about who gets… Continue Reading …