Stupid Kid Or Publicity Stunt? New HTC One 2 M8 video LEAKED

Stupid Kid Or Publicity Stunt New HTC One 2 M8 video LEAKED

Roshan Jamkatel’s failed attempt to cover up IMEI numbers

The video was leaked yesterday Sunday 2nd February 2014. It clearly shows the phone identity numbers of an unreleased HTC One M8 which has resulted in trouble for Roshan Jamkatel (Twitter: @roshanjamkatel).
Instead of editing the video before releasing it on YouTube, he tried to hide the IMEI and other part numbers with his thumbs; he successfully failed!
Rumours on IRC and tech forums are suggesting that this was a publicity stunt before the Official release of the second HTC One phone code-named M8, or as humour has it the “HTC ONE 2”. (Lets just call it the HTC Two). But still, some people just want to reverse-engineer this phone so much that they cant wait…Here is an offer for $10,000:
Stupid Kid Or Publicity Stunt New HTC One 2 M8 video LEAKED bounty advert

A wanted advert for the leaked HTC One M8 phone

As you can see from the bounty advert, this could be dangerous to his family and friends too. It all started going pear-shaped for Roshan Jamkatel when the Communications Manager at HTC, Jeff Gordon, contacted him on Twitter:
Stupid Kid Or Publicity Stunt New HTC One 2 M8 video LEAKED

Twitter conversation between Roshan Jamkatel the alleged leaker and Jeff Gordon the HTC communications Manager

YouTube has removed the original video and channel called Gadgetreviews, but as we know, the internet never forgets and there are lots of copies all over the Tubes! Here are some working links as at 22:52 Hours, February 3rd 2014:

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