How To Remove Fake Facebook Applications

I receive many Emails asking how to remove fake facebook applications. So I have decided to share with everyone the following steps, which can be used to remove the fake as well as any other Facebook Apps:

1. Click on ‘Account’ to expand & then choose ‘Privacy Setting’

How To Remove Fake Facebook Applications

2. At ‘Privacy Setting’ page, at the bottom you can see ‘Applications and Websites’, click on ‘Edit Settings’ link to proceed.

How To Remove Fake Facebook Applications

3. I have marked in red an example of a spammy App that I want to remove. You will simply want to click ‘Edit Settings’ or ‘Remove unwanted or spammy applications’ which will both take you to the same ‘Edit Settings’ page:

How To Remove Fake Facebook Applications

4. At ‘Edit Settings’ page, click on ‘X’ next to the Facebook App, then ‘Remove’. this will stop the application from using your personal info including posting in your newsfeed.

How To Remove Fake Facebook Applications

Detailed Instructions to remove Fake Scam Links – HERE

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  1. Lane says:

    Thanks for the detailed instructions…they were very easy to follow. I was pretty hyper about falling for a stupid app that I thought would be fun, then I was warned and told to come to this site. Excellent Job! You guys are GREAT!!

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