The Chromebook Grows Up
The Chromebook Grows Up
POSTED BY Patrick ON August 21, 2018 / 0 COMMENTS

What does Chrome OS still not do? High-end photo editing (aka a full Adobe Photoshop app). There is the Adobe Lightroom Android app, which is different photo-editing software that does many of the same things Photoshop does for most people. The only functions it can’t do well are major retouching and graphics editing other than photos. One thing it does better than Photoshop, however, is not writing over raw images. That’s the only shortcoming Philip Raymond can find in today’s Chromebook.

Some might consider the lack of high-end gaming to be a shortcoming as well, but that’s about to be addressed in the form of some very serious games coded for Android mobile that actually could be a better experience on a Chromebook (or a Chromebox for a desktop gaming experience).

Chromebooks now have access to Microsoft Office tools, which is a must for those whose employers run only MS Office products. Although Google Docs does a good job with basic document creation and conversion, and although you can create a slide presentation with it, it won’t do things like watch or create a PowerPoint presentation. That’s where the Microsoft PowerPoint Android app comes in handy. If you need to watch one, simply download the PowerPoint file and open it with PowerPoint (you can do this without paying for Microsoft office). However, if you want to create or edit one, you’ll have to pay for a yearly subscription or use your company’s subscription.

It’s also now possible to do 4k Ultra HD video editing, albeit consumer-grade video editing, not professional (think I-Movie), which addressed a reason for Philip’s own avoidance of a Chromebook in the past.

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